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We also offer boiler cover this allows you protection when something goes wrong.

With some of the cover plans you can get the boiler service included as part of the package.

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Oil boiler servicing

Why your oil boiler should be serviced regularly


Having an oil fired boiler serviced regularly can keep it operating at its most efficient. This reduces fuel bills and saves money on costly call-out fees for unexpected breakdowns. OFTEC recommends that oil fired appliances and equipment are serviced at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.

There are many reasons why the efficiency of an oil fired boiler could be reduced. Here are a few:

  • Excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel deposits can cause soot to form within the boiler heat exchanger, restricting the amount of heat that can be transferred into the heating system water. The cleaner the heat exchanger, the more efficient the boiler will be
  • Oil nozzles regulate how much oil passes through the burner. The nozzles are consumable items that wear over time affecting combustion and lowering boiler efficiency. If they are not replaced, they could cause “sooting up” of the heat exchanger due to too much fuel passing through the burner
  • Photocells can glaze over with deposits. Photocells are an important safety feature which detect whether the boiler has lit. If a photocell is dirty it may not be able to detect the burner flame correctly and could cause the boiler to shut down randomly. Boilers frequently switching on and off will be less efficient than those running for longer periods
  • Electrodes can wear and attract soot and deposits. Electrodes produce a spark to light the fuel, if they are worn or in poor condition the boiler may not light. Again, causing inconvenience, inefficiency and increasing fuel cost.

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